Spray Booth Filters & Filter Service

Cleveland Spray Booth stands ready to provide complete service and maintenance for your shop. We service all brands of spray booth equipment, and we are your partner when it comes to keeping your facility in top operating condition. Our expert team is committed to getting the most out of your workflow, maximizing productivity, and minimizing downtime. Don’t let an unexpected equipment failure affect your bottom line. Schedule preventative maintenance with us today.

Spray Booth Filters

It all begins with clean air. Properly filtered air is the foundation of your operation, and spray booth filters are where clean air begins. We offer five types of pre-filter media. For downdraft facilities, we carry a variety of ceiling diffuser media, to get the most out of your downdraft filtration.

For exhaust filters, we offer thirteen different types of media, ranging from budget-friendly PPA and PAG to cutting edge aerospace materials. These include several three-stage options, featuring HEPA filtration, oil mist management, and chromate coating overspray control. Our quality filter media provides low airflow resistance and long-lasting high capacity. We offer many choices in tackified materials, wave and accordion media, layered polyester, and scrim bags.

Spray Booth Filter Service

Cleveland Spray Booth can help you increase the efficiency of your shop. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our expert team. In addition to spray booth service and routine replacement of your spray booth filters, we can help find ways to streamline your workflow and optimize the configuration of your workspace, to get the most out of your facility.

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