Piping Solutions for Spray Booths

Experiencing any of the following problems in your commercial paint jobs?
Die-back, poor adhesion, fast film set, poor hold out, hard to buff, poor durability, uncured finish, cloudiness, poor gloss...

Perfect Air™ is the best system to spray waterborne and solvent borne paints
flawlessly the first time, and every time.

  • Increase production up to 75%
  • Consistent -40°F dew point air (or better) to the paint gun
  • 0% CAH verified by downstream true moisture indicator
  • Patented pre-filtration eliminates water, dirt & oil vapor
  • After-filter eliminates any downstream desiccant dust in your paint booth
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy wall mount design
  • Non-corrosive aluminum towers




PERF-25 Single Spray Gun System

  • PERF-25 System includes: ½" Inlet Shut Off Valve with (2) stage Pre filter with Auto drain 1st stage, ½" Inlet  Regulator w/ Gauge, ARAD-25 Regenerative Desiccant  Dryer with Moisture Indicator, After Filter with  ⅜” Regulator w/ Gauge.

PERF-50 Dual Spray Gun System

  • PERF-50 System includes: ¾” Regulator w/ Gauge   with (2) stage Pre filter with Auto drain 1st stage, ARAD-50 Regenerative Desiccant Dryer with Moisture Indicator, After  Filter with ½" Regulator w/ Gauge, 2 Port Manifold with   ⅜” Outlet Ball Valves



The perfect compliment to our Perfect Air™ systems: Modular Blue Pipe for commercial paint booths

RTI now offers high quality, lightweight aluminum piping and accessories to compliment our Perfect Air™ line.
Easy to install, easy to change, no welding needed! These products help reduce installation time and labor costs. 
A wide variety of accessories are available-- making installation in your automotive spray booth a breeze!

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