Accele-Cure by Garmat USA Spray Booth

Accele-Cure Spray Booth by Garmat available at Cleveland Spray Booth Specialists

Sometimes the best solution is the simplest- the brilliance of Garmat® USA’s Accele-Cure™ Accelerated Drying System. Accele-Cure™ is Garmat® USA's patented solution to the flashing of Waterborne paints. This type of paint needs a higher velocity airflow to "accelerate" the drying process. Accele-Cure™ utilizes aluminum blade propeller fans, which are designed to focus more air flow at a faster velocity directly over the vehicle. By breaking the micro climate around the paint surface, the water is evaporated far quicker, thus accelerating the evaporation process. This ultimately results in a substantially quicker flash time. Testing has proven that Accele-Cure™ flashes paint far quicker for both Waterborne and Solvent type paints.

Used during the "dry" cycle, the Accele-Cure™ system draws air towards the center of the booth and accelerates the air delivered from the plenum, which concentrates air movement over the vehicle for more efficient flashing of the paint.

Garmat Accele-Cure sold and serviced at Cleveland Spray Booth

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